Missouri Round Dance Association

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Round Dancers in Missouri are fortunate

to have some of the finest Round Dance

instructors and cuers in the nation.

Missouri Round Dance Association club student dancers


There are many events that offer an opportunity

to enjoy this wonderful pastime.

We invite you to take a look.

Rounds of the Quarter

2nd Quarter 2017

II: Do You Believe In Magic (TS)

Roy & Betsy Gotta

III: From A Jack To A King (FT)

Steve & Lori Harris

IV: A Nightingale Sang (FT)

Ron & Norma Stairs

IV: The Other Side (ST)

Ed & Karen Gloodt

V: September In the Rain (FT)

Dom & Joan Filardo

VI: At This Moment (WZ)

David Goss & Ulla Figwer